Should you or not inform the school about the divorce?

Should you or not inform school about the divorce ?

After a divorce, there are many things that have to be taken into consideration for your child benefit.

A divorce is a period of serious stress and anxiety for both parents and children.

The whole system is collapsing and many fears, emotions of guilts, anger, sadness will be created in all persons of the family.

Parents have lost their emotional stability and they have to deal with their dissociating emotions. Fear, panic and the sense of freezing and inability to move are common as divorce is perceived as a great loss.

The same feelings are for children. The problem is that children do not have the emotional and cognitive maturity to explain and understand all those emotions. A lot of times they feel responsible for the divorce. Many times they want to keep the stability of the family and control parents lives in the marital status through trying to attract the attention of their parents. This may be plus all the other strong emotions the reason for distracting behavior in school and low academic achievements this period around the divorce.

The child is in one of the most difficult situations that a child has to handle.

No matter the age of the children divorce is a difficult situation if someone does not know how to deal with. If you are informed what you have to do and how to behave with your children everything will be smooth, easier and emotionally adequate.

So, know you are divorced. Do you know what are you going to do with the school?

Should you or not inform the school about the divorce?

The answer is yes.

A school is a place of stability for children with teachers and friends and its routines.

If teachers are informed about the fact of the divorce they will be able to understand any emotional, behavioural or academic change in a child’s school life.

They will be able to follow closer to inspect any changes that may need deeper work or counselling for both the family and the child.

Even though you may think that school is another part of the life of your child that is not true. A child is a whole and is binging in school; its whole emotional life and the emotions of divorce are really strong and difficult to handle.

You do not have to share with the school; all the details about the personal reasons of the divorce but just the fact of it and any details about the child’s reactions that may help school counsellors and teachers to help your child.

School is a great alliance for you and your child this period. Don’t think that it may be a stigma.

After you inform be on a regular basis and for a rather long period in contact with the school so that you will be able to communicate and help your child to maintain emotionally and academic stability.

Don’t ask from your child to have great academic achievements this period since there is a lot if emotionally distraction which take energy and ability for concentration.

Try to communicate with your child effectively in order to be in connection with his emotions. Effective communication is something that you can learn here

Be open and communicative with the school. This is something that is about both parents.

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