Important tips single father’s child communication

  • You are a single father, you have to grow up your child alone and you do not know how to communicate with it .

This is really difficult as being a single father is double all the love but is also double all the problems and all the work you have to do.
The ability to be able to listen to your child is very important because you are the only one who your child can speak to about everything, let’s say emotions, achievements problems.

  • You must have the ability
    to stand at the level of your child- go down so that you are in the same height as your child is.
  • Look your child in the eyes
  • Listen -listen listen
  • Be there without being on your mobile phone
  • Listen without criticising
  • Let your self remember when you were in your child’s age how would you like your parents  to you and communicate with you

Moreover you must have the knowledge and the ability to have the needed financial income

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