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7 + routines for best  fathers that create communication attachment bond moments  with children



Research has proven that the relationship between father and children can enhance positive the development of children.

Even though the basic father-child attachment bond is not created as easy as mother-child attachment bond is also important for the development of children.


Moreover, according to a study, a change in the hormones of a father can be found when this bond is created. There is an increase in their levels of :

 Prolactin Hormone which improves bonding
/attachment and caring. The higher the prolactin, the more dads will help their babies explore and play.

and Oxytocin hormone
which increases through the skin to skin contact and helps the father’s nurturing instincts.


Children are less aggressive and show better academic results.


Society restrictions and male beliefs prevent this male attachment bond but there are routines that can help to be created.


Here we have seven plus basic father routines so that you can create the basic communication between father and the children which are really important for the development of children for academic success and responsible life.


Furthermore,  one of the basic things that the father is giving to his children is playing.  Father is teaching a child playing,  how to play. This also can create basic communication’s moments with his child.

Effective father parenting communication online courses

Effective father parenting communication online courses

  • Speaking and playing with the baby before it is born
  • Taking it in his arms
  • playing on the bed before bedtime
  • let the children help with the construction works.
  • going for a ride with a bike  or a motorbike
  • Preparing a sandwich and the salad
  • Going for walk with a dog
  • Reading a story
  • Playing theatre

Basic father attachment with a  child is really important for children and even more for single fathers. This bond needs skills and dexterities of effective communication from the moment the child is being bοrn and even till the puberty.



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