The need for male counselling


The need for male counselling

Children in the early years of their development are incorporating the features of the role associated with their gender. According to research, men have embodied through socialization a male role model that does not ask for help, does not express his feelings, does not feel, does not rely on others.  A role that at the moment and according to research data has created several psychological and socialization issues due to changes in our culture. Thus, specialists try to find elements that can help the man to better understand the needs, his real needs in order to pass this model role to his children the model of the male role that he listens to his needs and express his feelings. In this way, the toddler and the man will be able to cope with the social pressures that make him anxious, make him aggressive and not helping the family.  


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To explore how a man of today’s age can take steps to help himself understand the role of male models he has embedded and by virtue of which he reacts almost without having realized them,  several times he has to speak and express their thoughts in front of a mental health counsellor. Because of the way a man realizes his male role, the counsellor must have specific skills of thinking and deal with the man in consultation so that he can communicate promptly and be effective in counselling.

The men’s role in a child’s development is great, Is giving it the aspect of play with all the benefits it has.

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In an effort to create a road and meet a man’s needs in the counselling process, a Men & Counseling Questionnaire© was created, which you can fill in. It is known that once you complete a questionnaire it is already a post-training, it is already an education and a means of realizing the way we are connected to ourselves so that we can support our children in all these areas of the evolution of their self. Our children’s facilitating for development needs to be as parents as close as possible to our real needs.

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But what if a father is feeling rejected? Is this rejection affecting the child?
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